Saint Mary's College
1998: Trunk sewer installation for the City of Antioch
BA Degree, 1963
Alpha Mu Gamma, National Language Honor Society
University of California
Hastings College of the Law
LLB, 1966
Professional Memberships
California State Bar Association
General Engineering Contractor
Engineering and Utility Contractors Association, Honorary Lifetime Member
Forensic Expert Witness Association
The Dispute Review Board Foundation
Professional Experience
1953 to 1966 - Worked in my family's construction company every summer and school break.
1967 to 1970 - General Law Practice
  • 1967 to 1968 - Associate with the law firm of Ash & Carotta
  • 1968 to 1969 - Sole Practitioner
  • 1969 to 1970 - Partner in Kinder & Jardin with William G. Kinder
1970 to 1999 - Started Manuel C. Jardin, Inc.
  • Specialized in underground pipeline installation/replacement and trenchless rehabilitation work almost exclusively in the public sector.
  • Performed emergency repair work for various public agencies.
  • Specific Types of Construction Projects:
    • Underground pipe installation
    • Pipelines requiring extensive dewatering systems including deep wells, well points, sumps, etc.
    • Pipelines requiring various shoring systems including sheet piles and walers; soldier-beam and either wood planks or steel plates; slide-rail system; trench shields; conventional hydraulic shores.
    • Trunk and interceptor sewers requiring extensive and prolonged bypass pumping systems.
    • Projects involving bored and jacked pipe.
    • Cofferdams for the construction of outfall structures.
    • Concrete structures for both sanitary and storm sewer systems.
    • Pump stations together with their wet well and other appurtenances.
    • Cathodic protection systems in conjunction with pipeline installation.
    • Large stoppel valves on pressure pipelines.
    • Minor mechanical retrofit work on treatment plants and pump stations.
    • Liners in holding ponds.
    • Rehabilitated collector and trunk sewers using the trenchless slip-line method.
    • Replaced collector and trunk sewers using the trenchless pipebursting method.
    • Excavation in all types of soil conditions ranging from bay mud and sand to clay and hard rock.
    • Extensive experience locating and protecting underground utilities, including tracing, hand exploration and vacuum excavation.
    • Extensive experience using the California Underground Service Alert requirements, also known as the "One Call" system.
    • Extensive experience installing Asbestos Cement (AC) pipe, also known as "Transite" pipe. This pipe was installed in water, sanitary and storm drain projects. The installations required cutting the AC pipe using the "wet cut" method.
1973 to 1999 - Member, Engineering and Utility Contractors Association
1992: 12" sewer replacement in ROW for the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
  • 1973 to 1976, Board of Directors
    • Vice President
    • Chairman, Labor Committee
    • Chairman, Specification Committee
  • 1985 to 1988, Board of Directors
    • Secretary-Treasurer
    • Member, Executive Board
    • Member, Specification Committee
1999 to Present
  • Expert witness in construction related cases.
  • Consultant
    • Advising, preparing and presenting construction claims.
    • Preparing total bid packages on underground projects.
    • Advising public agencies and private design firms on construction feasibility for various underground projects
    • Advising/consulting contractors concerning ongoing projects.
  • Arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau
  • Dispute Review Boards
      Owner          Project
      SRCSD          Bradshaw Interceptor Sewer & Tunnel
      CCCSD          Pleasant Hill Relief Sewer & Tunnel
      CCCSD          Dougherty Valley Tunnel & Trunk Sewer
      SRCSD          Upper Northwest Interceptor Project
      SRCSD          Lower Northwest Interceptor Project, West Sac Force Main
      SRCSD          Lower Northwest Interceptor Project, Natomas Force Main
      SFPUC          Crossover - Isolation Valves at Hayward Fault Crossing
      SFPUC          Bay Pipeline # 5 - West Bay Reaches
      SFPUC          Bay Pipeline # 5 - East Bay Reaches
      SFPUC          San Joaquin Pipeline - Western Segment
      SFPUC          Crystal Springs Pipeline
      SFPUC          San Joaquin Pipeline - Eastern Segment
  • Dispute Resolution Advisor
      Owner          Project
      SFPUC          Baden & San Pedro Valve Lot Improvements
1998: 21" VCP sewer installation for the City of Antioch
Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish
Read and Write in Spanish
Furnished upon request
Resume Date: October 2012